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Skywaves Studymaster has been established by a veteran who has been in the field of aviation as a Pilot for over 30 years. Having started his career as a Flight Instructor, he moved on to become an airline pilot and has flown many thousands of hours in more than 15 different types of aircraft. He has flown light piston engine training aircraft, medium sized turbo-prop aircraft and heavy passenger jet aircraft. A burning passion for the aviation industry and a desire to see youngsters with love for a career in aviation achieve their dream, has led to the birth of Skywaves Studymaster.


At Skywaves Studymaster, we have gathered extensive study material including Video Tutorials and E-books and sequenced them to make learning an enjoyable and an exciting experience. There is unlimited information available online. But at Skywaves Studymaster we have carefully selected absolutely the best material required to pass your theoretical knowledge exams as well as your flight-check for your PPL, I/R and ATPL, easily. 


We greatly value your opinion and encourage you to provide your feedback to help us regularly update our site and make your visit a wholesome experience. 


Happy studying and a prosperous career in the amazing world of aviation.

Created by a Pilot....

....For Pilots.

What is available for you here?

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to get started. Here you can find both basic and more advanced tutorials that cover a number of operations.

E - Books

e-Books are full color, page-by-page reproductions of your book in Adobe format which you can view on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, or most Android type mobile readers. 


Power Point Presentations tutorial can be viewed and learnt step by step. Here you can find both basic and more advanced tutorials that cover a number of operations.

This compilation of Video Tutorials, E-books and Presentations will help you gain theoretical proficiency to prepare for your PPL & I/R written examinations and flight check

Additionally, it will also help those of you who are already licensed pilots, to refresh your memory and sharpen your theoretical knowledge from time to time


High Flight - Introduction to SSM


Spirit of St. Louis - Introductory


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Videos, E-books and other material used in this website are not our property. We have merely compiled and sequenced them for your easy reference. Videos are from King Schools Inc., USA and E-books from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and Federal Aviation Administration, USA”

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